Ingrid Kaufmann
peintre naturaliste

Ingrid Kaufmann is bicultural, Swiss, and Argentinian and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. She has lived and worked in Geneva since 2002. As an artist, galleries and institutions have dedicated personal exhibitions. In Geneva, the Center for Contemporary Applied Arts at Place de l’Île; in New York, the gallery of the Argentine Consulate; in Miami, the City Loft Art Gallery in the Design District; in Buenos Aires, at the Borges Cultural Center and in Oslo at the Anna Roza Art Gallery.

Artist whose approach is inspired by sustainable development; Ingrid Kaufmann pays tribute to trees. She devotes her work to promoting the swiss tree heritage.

Ingrid has been painting nature for over twenty years. She also spends a lot of her time living in her womb, both in the primary Amazonian forests and in the temperate forests of the old continent. Alone or accompanied, in winter or summer, in a hammock or a refuge, Ingrid devotes her time to maintaining the spiritual link with nature.

During her scientific and artistic research, she developed her own creative technique using gold and silver foils as well as a petroleum derivative to paint nature. Ingrid Kaufmann wants to represent the duality that can endanger our forests. “We have to find a balance between our economic benefits, our consumption, our comfort, the rate of growth of the GDP and the rights of nature and the jurisprudence of the Earth. ”

Ingrid Kaufmann invites us to do an awareness-raising process together, by organizing projects that are based on art, science, and education.

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