Ingrid Kaufmann
peintre naturaliste

Ingrid Kaufmann is a Swiss and Argentinian artist. Graduate of the P. Pueyrredon Fine Arts School and of the Buenos Aires Santa Ana Institute. She lives and works in Geneva. Galleries and institutions have dedicated personal exhibitions to her work: 

  • The Geneva Applied Contemporary Arts  Center and gallery
  • The New York Argentine Consulate Gallery 
  • The  Miami Design District City Loft Art Gallery
  • The Cultural Borges Center in Buenos Aires  
  • The Anna Roza Art Gallery in Oslo

As of the beginning of her artistic career, Ingrid Kaufmann has claimed a powerful link, always philosophical, with nature: its mysteries and unfading beauty. Dedicated for years to the sea and shells, she returns to the trees theme in 2017.

The work of the artist is inspired by a direct approach of sustainable development. Ingrid Kaufmann pays tribute to trees, these living structures that represent vital resource for our planet and the entire humanity.  

For several years, he has been working to promote the Swiss tree heritage. Particularly that of his canton, Geneva. Without pretending to be a role model in reducing your carbon footprint, Ingrid invites us to carry out a joint awareness process, by organizing projects based on art, science and education.

During her scientific and artistic research work, Ingrid has developed a unique creative technique of her own.

According to her, we must find the balance between comfort, consumption, GDP growth rate, and the rights of nature and the jurisprudence of the Earth. This conflict which endangers our forests is represented in her pictures. Using gold, silver and petroleum to paint nature.